John Gidley & Co Pty Ltd

Seed Brokers, Grain & Commodity Brokers
PO Box 29 Briar Hill Vic 3088 Australia
Tel + 61 3 9434 5669   Fax + 61 3 9434 5693  Cell +61 438 52 8860
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Domestic Seed prices

Export commodity prices

Reasons to use us

Advertising - our advertising is minimal. Word of mouth and referral by satisfied clients is normally how people hear of us

Agility - "the power of quick motion, nimble" Our old telex address was AGILE and although the telex is gone the speed remains

Alternatives – be it a hard to find item, an item unavailable at the normal origin due to drought, crop failure, etc… try us we’re masters of the alternative supply!

Anonymity - whether you buy, sell or simply enquire your identity is not revealed until an order is placed

Assistance in your business - where staff leave or are away on holidays, etc we can fill in the gaps and assist your other staff
members to take up the running

Best price on the day

Brokers always work hard and long and in core markets have pricing and information at their fingertips

Care and diligence - we regularly vet goods before despatch on domestic and international business so any problems can be addressed before delivery.

Contacts - we maintain an extensive list of domestic & international contacts

Development of domestic & international marketing programs


Forex  We maintain a foreign exchange account & adopt a hands on approach in this area.

Foreign language? We can understand any email no matter what language

Market activity & prevailing market price advice - we cover a wide range of domestic and international markets

New clients are always welcome – domestically or internationally be you a buyer or seller or both we are always interested in new business

No cost as a Purchaser - as a purchaser our services are free of charge to you.

Quality assurance - our standard procedures will easily comply with most quality assurance programs

Sale & purchase of goods while you attend to your business – domestically we can take care of delivery instructions, ringing around for carriers, etc, etc. Internationally we can assist with shipping and freight forwarder/notify party recommendations.

Security - in the event of lost documents we can provide backup documents, test certificates, etc.

Service - good old fashioned, hands on service. We are here to make your business life easier. Not ours!

Technical advice

Technology – we use email, landline, cell phone, fax, sms text, instant messaging, PDF files. Whatever technology works best for you we can adopt and use. No matter what your location, we are only a phone call or email away